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send this smile over to you

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just finished 5 ten hour shifts at the paramount for warren millers "impact" talk about being tired. thank god for jessie though she has helped me pull through so much stress. from the billy corgan ticket that i couldnt get up to the cleaning of my place. god i love her. i already consider myself married in the sense as i havent any desire to be with anyone else. i bought her a engagement ring that i had to borrow money from my mom for 3700 bucks!! but allow me to tell you i have so much thought and effort put into the ring that she will smile everytime she sees it. i am so pleased with my life right now my relationship is improving slowly one day at a time. there were some things i didnt tell her at first and kinda was ashamed to tell her but her and i talked it through and now i have a strong feeling that things will work out just fine between the two of us. afterall she is one of the most compasionate understanding souls i have ever known. not to mention i have never trusted anyone with all of me the way i do with her.she is my everything and nothing could ever change that.
there is another thing i noticed..some people from my past are trying to participate in my currant life and this is my only request that anyone i may have known or been aquinted with from the past i am merely asking one last time ..please do not attempt to contact me anylonger i have a new llife i enjoy and do not wish to attempt to pursue a meaningless frienship with peers that could only lead me back into trouble. now im sure we may have been cool in the past but i am no longer on your side of the country so do us both a favor and move on with your life as i have clearly donr with mine.
thanks for understanding


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i feel like total shit today. i dont have any reason outside of that chicken i ate yesterday. my head is pounding i gave up on work today..4 hours was enough for me..i would have stayed til six its just my head hurts that bad...i changed some shit on my space cause of a brief misunderstanding...i hope everything is clear now.. ok so i have 1 hell of a surprise for little miss jessica but i wont tell her just yet what it is..hehe being evil has its rewards.

life is ironicly pleasant
october 23rd @soiled dove 10:15 p.m.

yours truly with billy corgan

need i say more?


p.s. tickets are sold out dont bother!!

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hello little world of somebodys

been busy latly with the whole jessica-de-mayo
her and i are an item now so i guess that means that youll have to cancel your subscription.better luck never again.
im working my ass off working for the democratic national party. 15 bucks an hour whos complaining though! i was supposed to work the van halen concert today but when i showed up they were full staffed, i guess some losers were waiting for an hour to work...ha some people.
i really dont have much to say other than the only thing i do other than work is chill with me girl. shes a keeper as ol gran pa would say.
(she unlocks my door)
ok thats it for now kids

without transgression.
okay im still alive from those impatient thoughts of what we never had. i guess things could be something else.
hmm..not much to say here.. ive been doing alot that i could speak of but id rather you pretend to care enough to wonder..
going to see ms. courtney love in july im not sure if that is a positive or negative though..

goodtimes for sell
im still alive..
been busy with this whole work thing and trying to keep people from just randomly stopping over.
josh is with kayla now. i hate that fucking whore. she tried to sell me out the other day saying shit thata wasnt true.but as the old saying goes..."bros b4 hoes" and thats all there is to it.
i have been chillin with jessika-de-mayo alot im not getting soft just enjoy the company..
i tried to call kyla to chill with us but her phone is off or something. i kinda miss hanging with her but not britnah..that bitch can burn in hell!!

kill snoop dogg
yeah so turns out i have to wait till sunday till we move in. sooo that means i have to bump the date of the ho down.
but any how on the 10th we are gonna go to the bluebird.
i guess groundeds last show is at pinkies so since sarah is going to be there doing sound for them i guess ill make an attempt to see them.
im tired and sippin on malibu and coke right now. what a combination huh?


scooter is dead
im at a loss for words..
even if i werent they could be of no use.

im sorry for wasting your time

now i know you
i have these words in the back of my throat that i've been dying to say..

next time we'll be perfect

these bonds are shackle free
okay so went downtown to check out the place and it wasnt what we wanted so we went to a few other places coming to this hi-rise. at first i thought it may have been to up scale for me because not only do hirises cost a fortune in naples but its for the white collars.
but it turns out our budget was 775 a month and we found get this.. a penthouse for 725 a month.
the view is breath taking and it is right in the middle of downtown.
the application has been filled out ...pre approved and all that jazz.
the guy said it will be ready by april 1st!!
i cant begin to tell you how stoked i am about this place.
for once in my life i will have something that not only do i value and am very proud of, but i know what i have and dont plan on taking it for granted like i have so many things in the past.
for once things seem to be going as planned.
funny how i think back to a time in my life and remember asking tara if she would. but she didnt know.i remember the conditions i set for myself to be living in before i would ask her to be certain.
funny how once i finally achieved what i set out for i ended up being happy but not complete.
sweet pea saying i miss that time of hate.
scooter saying.. "missing it more than i should"


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